Proven data integration technology lets you work in real-time with information on new and existing drawings

Ever think you'd see the day when you could manage ad-hoc and mission-critical data from your AutoCAD drawing - without the shortcomings of attributes or ADE®, or the ramp-up time of ASE® or SQL®? With CadPLUS InfoEngine's proven approach to establishing, updating and managing data, your day has finally come.

InfoEngine provides live links between any object or entity in your drawing and any type of information you want to track about it - whether it's maintained in a data table, an Access® file, an image, or even old attribute data.  InfoEngine supports any nonproprietary database and generates custom reports on data tied to your drawing.

You'll find InfoEngine to be a smart, powerful application with a short learning curve that gives you success early on, even if you're not a database guru. InfoEngine includes the shortcuts to do the dirty work and the built-in tools the other guys forgot about.

With InfoEngine you can:

  • Set up 2-way links
  • View and edit information
  • Browse information
  • Generate a report
  • Find objects and data that have been linked
  • Build simple or complex queries on-the-fly
  • Associate data to one object or hundreds
  • Note your drawing automatically
  • Add an object to the system for data tracking
  • Calculate areas and zones for reports
  • Change a note bubble
  • Import external data
  • Customize data tables
  • Eliminate errors and inconsistencies in data entry
  • Create date reports
  • Alias objects for reports
  • View images
  • Archive and restore information for drawing exchange
  • Build an external report via Crystal Reports® RPT
  • Calculate values
  • Attach Access® files to your CAD drawing
  • Associate objects with a new table
    n Recycle attribute data
  • Update attribute information

Check out what's new; learn more about how InfoEngine and the Information Team can help you work with data more easily and effectively.