National MultiTech LTD is pleased to distribute and provide technical support for CadPLUS® software products.  You can find detailed descriptions of CadPLUS® products by clicking on the product names below.

You may order by telephoning the National MultiTech Order and Inquiry Line:

(800)440-3576 in the USA
(704)547-9400 elsewhere
(704)414-3803 fax

Technical Support and Subscription Line:
Technical support and subscription policy

Current prices are for retail orders, in US dollars, and do not include shipping/handling which will be confirmed before shipment.

Product Pricing

Current products are available for
AutoCAD® release 2010
AutoCAD® release 2011
AutoCAD® release 2012
AutoCAD® release 2013
AutoCAD® release 2014
AutoCAD® release 2015
AutoCAD® release 2016
AutoCAD® release 2017
AutoCAD® release 2018

Shipping now:
Compatible with AutoCAD®
release 2018:
2010-2018 versions are also available.

CadPLUS® ObjectEngine
CadPLUS® InfoEngine
CadPLUS® SpecNoter


Product (click item for more)
Price (USD)
CadPLUS® InfoEngine (Standard)
CadPLUS® InfoEngine (ODBC)
CadPLUS® ObjectEngine
CadPLUS® SpecNoter

Upgrade Pricing

Product upgrades may be purchased at any time for customers who have never purchased a product subscription.  All new and upgrade pricing entitles you to the current shipping version of the software and 60 days technical support.

Product Upgrades
Price (USD)
CadPLUS® InfoEngine Standard upgrade
CadPLUS® InfoEngine ODBC upgrade
CadPLUS® ObjectEngine upgrade
CadPLUS® SpecNoter upgrade

Customers past the end of their 60 day support period may purchase technical support on a per-call basis.  Technical support calls are $75 per incident billed to your credit card. 

To take advantage of per-incident support call 1-704-547-1967.  

Please read our technical support policy.